About Me

Who Am I, My story with Nutrition & Homeopathy

Karen Hood

Who am I?

I have been married to my lovely husband for 17 years and am a Mum to two beautiful daughters  who make me proud every day!

I belong to a ladies tap group which I love, and the laughing, as well as the tapping, is so good for the soul!

I work part-time as a puppy training supervisor for Guide dogs and have had the privilege to support many volunteers and train many Guide dogs over the last 25 years, not to mention so many puppy cuddles!!

 I enjoy spending time outdoors, walking my dog and looking at beautiful views and sunsets

Nutrition & Me

As a slightly overweight and always have been person, I have tried many diets, and was brainwashed into the eat low fat for health gang.

I didn’t realise until I started to learn about good nutrition what I needed to put into my body for good health. I wish I had known this years ago – tip – it definitely is not low fat!!

It is amazing to know what you choose to eat and how you eat will affect your whole body, both mentally and physically and I am now able to teach you what I know and empower you to head towards better health!

If you see me for nutritional advice to improve a health condition e.g. PCOS, allergies, diabetes, I will give you the power to go away and achieve your goals in a simple, understandable way.

Karen Hood Homeopathy

Homeopathy & ME

I first became interested in natural therapies in my late teens, and enjoyed short courses in aromatherapy and reflexology. My friend told me about her homeopath and it sounded just what I was looking for – someone who would spend the time to listen properly to me and help me with my health issues.

 My WOW moment –  when I really knew just how amazing this form of medicine was, was after trying to conceive my second baby for nearly 3 years with no success. I went along to my homeopath who asked me lots of questions, and I remember telling her I was having some vivid dreams!! I came away with my little remedy pot of sugar pills – the dreams stopped and the next month I was pregnant!! It actually gives me goose bumps now! 

Since then I have used homeopathy for myself and my family for everyday first aid and bruises (who hasn’t heard of Arnica), and for help with hormonal issues, migraines, through pregnancy, labour and anxiety with all the symptoms that hit you at the worst times!!

I had been waiting for the right opportunity to train as a homeopath so I could help people the way I had been helped. I was lucky enough to be able to be part of a brand-new course combining homeopathy, nutrition and life coaching under some great teachers at the College for Nutrition and Homeopathy and am qualified with a Diploma in Integrated nutrition and Homeopathy which I am so proud of!

Shall we get started?